Pottermore Ebooks? Yes, Please!

hp ebooks

I can spend all day reading through articles on Pottermore. The Harry Potter world is rich and fascinating, and there can never be too much detail. Yes, tell me all about young Minerva McGonagall’s love affair with a muggle, and what it means to be a hatstall, and the enchanted book and quill that don’t always agree on whether kids are magical enough to go to Hogwarts.

But one of the few things I don’t like about Pottermore is the layout. It’s easier to find the article you want now than it was on the old Pottermore, where you had to track down the chapter it was in. But while a simple search function makes finding that hatstall article easier, casual browsing can be a bit frustrating. I really wouldn’t mind some kind of index, or … table of contents?

So I’m thrilled to find out they’re releasing some of the articles in ebooks (coming out September 6), and even more excited that two of the books will include new content. I’ll definitely be buying them!


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