Sorting Hat Sunday: Divergent Factions

Divergent is probably the most complicated Sorting Hat Saturday I’ve ever done, because it comes with its own factions that both resemble the Hogwarts houses and work in completely different ways from them. I’m going to do a three-part series of posts on Divergent, so check back next Saturday for character sortings. For now, here are my thoughts on how the factions relate to – or don’t relate to – the houses.


Dauntless is an obvious Gryffindor equivalent. And yet it’s very different from Gryffindor. Less-typical Gryffindors like Neville and Hermione would never have made it through Dauntless initiation. The factions in Divergent are all based on good traits, but taken to an unhealthy extreme, and in Dauntless that means risk-seeking and physical strength are valued more than inner bravery. I think there may also be a Slytherin side to Dauntless, shown in characters like Eric who strive to control rather than protect.

Erudite seems to correspond with the logical/intellectual side of Ravenclaw, minus the wisdom and creativity. However, the faction definitely has a Slytherin aspect, too. They are  “knowledge is power” taken to the extreme. Amity seems equivalent to Hufflepuff, but I think it might also attract the more Luna Lovegood-type Ravenclaws, being the only faction that allows any kind of creativity. As for Candor, I can see any Hogwarts house except Slytherin fitting there: Ravenclaws who value truth, Hufflepuffs who value honesty and justice, or Gryffindors whose courage is in speaking up for what they believe in, rather than physically fighting for it.

Abnegation probably lines up best with self-sacrificing Gryffindor and community-oriented Hufflepuff, but they’re also the faction that produces the most Divergents, and their kids usually choose Abnegation even if they get a different result in their test. Theoretically, members of Abnegation could belong in any faction or Hogwarts house. And of course, individual characters may fit into houses that their faction doesn’t, because there is no perfect correspondence.


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