Five Fantastic Beasts Movies?

I don’t know whether to feel excited or … in a strange way … disappointed.

On the one hand, I love Harry Potter. And if J.K. Rowling really has five more movies’ worth of stories to tell in that world, that would be amazing. I’m not invested enough yet in Fantastic Beasts to be jumping for joy, but I’ve spent years wishing for more stories about the Wizarding World, even if they didn’t follow the same characters. And with Grindelwald rising to power in Europe around the same time Newt Scamander arrives in New York, there’s certainly plenty of room for an epic storyline to tie the films together.

But at the same time, doesn’t it seem a bit … soon? Wouldn’t it have made sense to wait until the first movie is at least out in theaters, before promising not just a sequel or a trilogy but a 5-movie series? And on a more cynical note, what if she doesn’t have five more stories to tell? I’ve always given Harry Potter the benefit of the doubt when it comes to things like, say, splitting one book into two movies. (I despise the trend, but I think it was justified for Deathly Hallows). But I don’t know. I’m wary.

Maybe after years of no new Harry Potter, the flood of new content seems too good to be true. Maybe I’m scared of the stories I grew up with being tarnished, in the way that early seasons of a good TV show can become bittersweet if it goes on longer than it should. I will say that the original Harry Potter series broke just about every rule for length. Even Sorcerer’s Stone was long for a kids’ book at the time, let alone Order of the Phoenix, and a long series from a first-time author is pretty rare, too. So maybe we should give Fantastic Beasts the benefit of the doubt. I can’t deny I feel a bit uneasy about it, though.


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