Sorting Hat Saturday: Divergent Part III

I had this all prepared for last Saturday and completely forgot to post it, so sorry about that. We’re finishing up a three-part series on Divergent this weekend.

If it was hard to match up factions with houses and sort the Divergent characters, it was even harder to sort the Harry Potter characters into factions. Why? Because the factions are rigid where the houses are flexible. There are many ways to be a Gryffindor or Slytherin, but there’s only one “right way” to be Dauntless or Erudite, and anyone who doesn’t fit is seen as a threat to the system. Because of this, most of the characters ended up being divergent.

Harry: Dauntless/Abnegation. Harry is someone who is accustomed to doing without due to his upbringing with the Dursleys, never wanted any of the fame or admiration that comes with being the “Chosen One”, and willingly sacrifices his life in order to protect his friends. He is also extremely brave, taking risks that other people might shy away from, and is eager to fight against Voldemort even knowing what a daunting task it is. Of the two, I think he would likely choose Dauntless.

Ron: Dauntless/Amity. Ron is both very courageous, and a very loyal friend, more down-to-earth and laid-back than either Harry or Hermione. Like Harry, I think he would probably choose Dauntless, because Amity values peace as well as friendship and forbids its members from taking sides in a war.

Hermione: Dauntless/Erudite. I think this is fairly obvious. However, I can easily see Hermione protesting the faction system altogether. She would no doubt see their persecution of those who can’t fit within the system as being just as appalling as wizards’ mistreatment of house elves and other magical creatures.

Ginny: Dauntless. Ginny is one of the few characters I can fit into one faction: she’s tough, courageous, and eager to prove herself. She isn’t lacking in kindness or intelligence, but she would struggle with the ways those factions expect their members to live.

Neville: Amity/Dauntless. Neville turns out to be pretty heroic, but it takes him a long time to get there. I’m not sure he would make it through Dauntless initiation, and I’m not sure he’d have the courage to try. I see Neville as coming from a Dauntless family, but transferring to Amity, much like he tried to choose Hufflepuff according to Pottermore. Sadly, in the world of Divergent, he might have less opportunity to realize his inner courage, and if he did, it would probably be too late.

Luna: Amity. Oddly enough, I wasn’t tempted to put her in Erudite at all. Luna isn’t stupid, but her intelligence is of a very different type. She’s creative and open-minded and tends to be kind to people even when they’re not kind to her. Amity is the only faction that might accept someone like her. However, she’s not a perfect fit: Amity refuses to be anything but neutral, while Luna joins Dumbledore’s Army and fights in the war.

Snape: Erudite. Factions are chosen at age sixteen, around the time when Snape’s friendship with Lily ended. While I see her choosing Dauntless, Amity, or Abnegation (and it’s hard to say which, because she embodies their values of courage, kindness, and selflessness so well), he would choose the cold and logical faction and be drawn into their schemes.

The Malfoys: Erudite. Mostly by process of elimination: they’re certainly not kind, selfless, brave, or honest. I’m not sure a life devoted to knowledge and learning would suit them, either, but the darker side of Erudite has a lot in common with the “clever and cunning” side of Slytherin.

The Weasleys: Amity. Again, not a perfect fit – the factions are too strict for that – but the Weasleys are kind, down-to-earth, and caring. Their family is basically the Harry Potter equivalent of Amity, although most of their kids would grow up to choose Dauntless, Percy would choose Erudite, and Mr. and Mrs. Weasley would eventually be unable to stand by and be neutral during the war.

Dumbledore: 3-way Divergent. He’s a Gryffindor, which corresponds best with Dauntless, but he’s also very intelligent, as well as kind, compassionate, and willing to offer second chances. He wouldn’t necessarily fit very well into Dauntless, Erudite, or Amity, but he has some traits from each of them. The faction system wouldn’t know what to do with him.


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