Harry Potter Costume: Wand

Earlier, I talked about how to make a Gryffindor tie with just felt, scissors, and glue. Now I’m making a Harry Potter-style wand out of yarn, brown paint, and a pencil. Ready to get started? Great!


The first thing to do is to wind the yarn around the eraser end of the pencil until the entire metal part is covered. Don’t worry about getting it just right. If the yarn is uneven, it will look more like wood when it’s painted. When you’re done, wrap more yarn around the rest of the pencil, but loosely, like a candy cane stripe. Glue it to the end and let the glue dry.

Once the glue is completely dry, apply a coat of brown paint. It’s probably best to paint half of the pencil and let that dry, before then painting the other half. Apply at least two coats to make sure the paint covers the pencil completely.

When the paint is dry, use a finish to seal it and keep it from chipping. I only had a glossy one on hand, but matte might be better to keep it looking like wood.



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