Sorting Hat Saturday: Miracle on 34th Street

Kris Kringle: Ravenclaw. I’m not even going to try to sort Santa Claus in general, because there have been so many different versions that are all a little different. Most are probably Hufflepuffs, and a few might be Gryffindors. However, I’m convinced Kris from Miracle on 34th Street is a Ravenclaw. Much like Luna Lovegood, he is well aware that others think he’s crazy and doesn’t care. He never doubts his sanity or questions his belief that he’s Santa Claus. Instead, he concerns himself with spreading the Christmas spirit, which to him is about imagination and open-mindedness as well as warmth and cheer. His gentle, free-spirited attitude contrasts with the rigid black-and-white, true-and-false view of the Walkers.

Susan Walker: Ravenclaw. Susan is an intelligent girl, and her mother is right when she says that Susan always wants to know the truth. She has not been taught to think creatively or believe in anything she can’t see, but once she’s exposed to other ways of seeing the world, she proves herself to be imaginative as well as intelligent.

Doris Walker: Slytherin. Doris believes very firmly in logic and facts, raising her daughter without Santa Claus, or anything that isn’t totally realistic. However, this is not just out of a respect for truth or honesty. It’s a defense mechanism. The scene in which she talks about looking for Prince Charming reveals that this developed in reaction to having her former naïve attitude  taken advantage of. More than any other house, Slytherins adapt to whatever happens to them and do what they must to survive. Doris reminds me a lot of Susan Pevensie, who I also sorted into Slytherin. Besides that, the way she talks about “getting ahead” speaks to ambition, and her frustration with Mr. Gailey’s decision to defend Kris shows that she values career and ambition over the things she describes as “intangibles”.

Mr. Gailey: Gryffindor. Mr. Gailey believes the “intangibles” are the only things that matter. His methods are almost Slytherin – anyone who can prove the existence of Santa Claus in court is certainly cunning – but he chooses Kris over his career with no hesitation and is perfectly happy to risk looking like a fool rather than let a friend be wrongly institutionalized. Furthermore, as he tells Mrs. Walker, “it’s not just Kris on trial, it’s everything he stands for” – and in taking a stand for the warmth and generosity embodied by Kris Kringle, Mr. Gailey shows great courage and proves himself to be a Gryffindor through and through.


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