Sorting Hat Saturday: A Christmas Carol

Happy Christmas Eve! Today I’m posting the last of my Christmas-themed Sorting Hat Saturdays. If you missed any of the earlier ones, you can check them out here:

This week, I decided to do A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens:

Scrooge: Slytherin. Scrooge measures everything by how much he profits from it. His worst fear is poverty, and he pursues money so relentlessly that his ex-fiancée describes it as an idol that has replaced her. This is a textbook example of ambition taken to an unhealthy extreme. However, when he sees what has become of Marley and realizes the ghosts are there to save him from the same fate, he agrees to go with them, displaying self-preservation, another Slytherin trait. Even after his internal transformation, he shows a certain amount of cunning, sending the Crachets a turkey in secret and pretending to be angry with Bob before telling him he’s raising his salary.

Tiny Tim: Gryffindor. A young disabled boy from a poor family, Tiny Tim retains a positive attitude and a good heart, which I see as a sign of great courage.

Bob Cratchet: Hufflepuff. Bob is a simple man doing his best to provide for his family. He works hard for an unforgiving boss, makes do with very little, and is clearly a loving husband and father. Crachet represents the ordinary, good people who suffer when someone like Scrooge stops caring about others, and it’s hard to imagine him as anything but a Hufflepuff.


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