Camping with the Hogwarts Houses

I’ve pretty much run out of steam on the whole Sorting Hat Saturday thing, which is probably pretty obvious since it’s been a month since I’ve posted one. So until I’m struck with new inspiration for that, I’ve got a new idea: how would people from each of the Hogwarts houses react to ordinary – or extraordinary – circumstances? I kind of did this once before when I talked about how each Hogwarts house would choose to use time travel, but this week will be more ordinary: four people, one from each house, go out into the woods on a camping trip.

The Gryffindor sees the whole thing as an adventure. They want to go rock climbing, bungee jumping, hiking through uncharted parts of the forest, etc. If the group runs into a snake or hears the growling of a wolf outside their tent, it’s the Gryffindor who jumps forward to confront the threat. They’re brave, protective of their fellow campers, and never stop looking for the next thrill.

The Ravenclaw brings along a favorite book or two to read beside the campfire each night. They probably did a lot of research in the weeks leading up to the trip, because they’re full of trivia. They can tell you what kind of a tree that is, what sorts of birds are common in this area, how best to prevent bug bites, and anything else you might – or might not – want to know. Don’t bother bringing along a guide book; they’ve already read and practically memorized it.

The Slytherin wants to be in charge. As far as they’re concerned, it’s up to them to make a plan for the day and make sure everyone else follows it. What’s for dinner? Whose turn is it to do the dishes? How far are you hiking today? The Slytherin knows, and they’ll make sure you do, too.

The Hufflepuff looks at it as a bonding experience. They’ll leave the micromanaging to the Slytherin and do anything that’s asked of them without complaining. But what they’re really there for is to braid each other’s hair, share secrets, and sing campfire songs all night long. Anything that will bring them closer to their friends.


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