Hogwarts Houses and Graduation

What would members of each house be the most proud of at their graduation – whether it be high school, college, or even Hogwarts?

Gryffindor: the risks they’ve taken that have paid off, the crazy adventures they’ve had, the people they’ve stood up for (or to), the ways they’ve grown, and the confidence with which they now face the future.

Hufflepuff: the people they’ve grown close to, the relationships they’ve formed, the dedication with which they’ve worked to get to this point, the kindness they’ve shown to others, and the ways they’ve helped make their school and community a better place.

Ravenclaw: the things they’ve learned, the new passions they’ve discovered that go beyond what they learned in the classroom, the notes they’ve let their friends borrow and the study sessions they’ve led, the books they’ve lost and found themselves in, and the questions they’re still asking.

Slytherin: the great things they’ve achieved, the trophies and awards, the late nights of studying, the blood sweat and tears that it took them to get here, the people they’ve impressed, the goals they’re one step closer to, and the knowledge that they will never, ever give up.


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