Hogwarts Crest: Christmas Edition

hogwarts christmas


Christmas Nineteen Years Later

Years later
Gold and silver tinsel
Red ornaments, Green tree
Gathered underneath it, a family
A hero marked for death who would not die
A woman who loved and fought with all her heart
Three children
All was well

Christmas with the Weasleys

A dozen redheads gathered ‘round
Smiles on all their faces
Unwrapping simple homespun gifts
With thanks and warm embraces
Although their holiday is simple
Love fills every heart
And as the years pass, come what may
In times when they’re apart
These special meals and simple gifts
Beneath the Christmas tree
Will draw them back and bring them home
To be with family

Christmas Eve in the Graveyard

Christmas Eve, a quiet chapel graveyard
Music from the nearby church at midnight
Memories forgotten and uncovered
Questions burning in the winter night
Flowers laid in snow for those who lie here
And whose sacrifices saved his life
Through the chaos, bells and music bringing
This bittersweet moment of quiet
Then, another moment, peace is shattered
Teenage heroes drawn back to their fight
Leaving church and graveyard, snow and flowers
Just a memory bathed in Christmas light

A Deathly Hallows Christmas

Last Christmas there were parties and carols through the halls
Decorated Christmas trees and garlands on the walls
Last year our greatest worries were love potions and dates
Safe from the storm already brewing beyond the castle’s gates

This Christmas, nights are bitter; we wander in the cold
Searching for a glimpse of hope and missing days of old
Hiding from the looming shadows, trying to believe
Fighting for a life worth living on this Christmas Eve

Next Christmas, we will gather around the fireplace
With warm embraces, joyful smiles on each and every face
Next year this fight will only be a dusty memory
Singing Christmas carols, merry, bright, and free

Halloween at Hogwarts

I like to think that each Hogwarts house has its own Halloween party after the big feast, but each of them very different from each other.

I feel like the Gryffindors would have a pretty standard party with spooky decorations, snacks, and drinks. But you won’t see any of the costumes that are common in the muggle world, like bedsheet ghosts or witches with brooms that would never get off the ground. There’s nothing scary about that for a wizard, and in fact, they find it a bit insulting.

Hufflepuffs, on the other hand, have fully embraced the muggle tradition of wearing costumes. They spend weeks planning group costumes with their friends. You might see a quidditch team, a group of muggle superheroes, a set of potions ingredients, the four seasons, or a little flock of owls. One memorable Halloween, a group even came as the Hogwarts Express, costumes all linked together, enchanted smoke billowing out of the engine.

Ravenclaws sit around the fire in the common room telling scary stories. Some of them make up stories about ghouls, lethifolds, and dementors, while others adapt muggle horror movies or disturbing stories from the Daily Prophet. They’ve also developed a tradition of “riddle costumes” – that is, costumes whose meaning is not immediately obvious. The harder time your friends have figuring out what you’re dressed as, the better job you’ve done – as long as the answer makes sense once you’ve explained.

Slytherins like to see themselves as a bit “above it all”. After all, Halloween is just a pale muggle imitation of a world they live in every day. But even they can’t resist a chance to sip pumpkin juice (or something stronger) and munch on chocolate. Every once in a while, a newcomer like Albus Potter will try to decorate the common room with fake cobwebs and plastic spiders, but it never catches on.

Hogwarts Halloween

Pumpkins grinning jagged grins
Glowing in the night
Ghostly figures swooping down
Bathed in eerie light
Tables loaded down with sweets
Leaping chocolate frogs
Fireplace bringing warmth and light
With its burning logs
Children with the strangest pets
Owls, cats, and toads
Waving wands and casting spells
In their long black robes
Broomsticks fly and cauldrons boil
Potions brew inside
Children eat enchanted sweets
While trolls sneak inside
Spooky creatures, ghosts, and ghouls
Laughs and shrieks of fear
Hogwarts students celebrate
This haunted time of year