Christmas Nineteen Years Later

Years later
Gold and silver tinsel
Red ornaments, Green tree
Gathered underneath it, a family
A hero marked for death who would not die
A woman who loved and fought with all her heart
Three children
All was well


Christmas with the Weasleys

A dozen redheads gathered ‘round
Smiles on all their faces
Unwrapping simple homespun gifts
With thanks and warm embraces
Although their holiday is simple
Love fills every heart
And as the years pass, come what may
In times when they’re apart
These special meals and simple gifts
Beneath the Christmas tree
Will draw them back and bring them home
To be with family

Christmas Eve in the Graveyard

Christmas Eve, a quiet chapel graveyard
Music from the nearby church at midnight
Memories forgotten and uncovered
Questions burning in the winter night
Flowers laid in snow for those who lie here
And whose sacrifices saved his life
Through the chaos, bells and music bringing
This bittersweet moment of quiet
Then, another moment, peace is shattered
Teenage heroes drawn back to their fight
Leaving church and graveyard, snow and flowers
Just a memory bathed in Christmas light

A Deathly Hallows Christmas

Last Christmas there were parties and carols through the halls
Decorated Christmas trees and garlands on the walls
Last year our greatest worries were love potions and dates
Safe from the storm already brewing beyond the castle’s gates

This Christmas, nights are bitter; we wander in the cold
Searching for a glimpse of hope and missing days of old
Hiding from the looming shadows, trying to believe
Fighting for a life worth living on this Christmas Eve

Next Christmas, we will gather around the fireplace
With warm embraces, joyful smiles on each and every face
Next year this fight will only be a dusty memory
Singing Christmas carols, merry, bright, and free

Your Goodbye: a Harry and Ginny Poem

I remember the moment you told me
I remember the beat of my heart
Pounding through my black dress
And the tears that lingered
In my eyes
The white marble headstone
The phoenix’s cry
The shadowy skull cast above
The lightning-struck tower
And your voice
Your words
Your goodbye
But I will wait for you
And I will fight for you
And I will hold out hope that
When this is over
You will come back
To me

No Idea: A Cursed Child Poem

I was re-reading part of Cursed Child, and I came across this McGonagall quote that just bothers me to no end:

You are so young. (She looks at Harry, Draco, Ginny, and Hermione) You’re all so young. You have no idea how dark the wizarding wars got. You were – reckless – with the world that some people – some very dear friends of mine and yours – sacrificed a huge amount to create and sustain.

That’s always bothered me because it’s clear she’s speaking to the adults as well as the kids, and while they may have been infants during the first war, they not only lived through the second one, but came of age during it, fought in it, and lost loved ones to it. The events of the second wizarding war shaped their lives in an undeniable way, and it doesn’t really matter that they were young, because all four of them (aside from perhaps Ginny) lost what was left of their childhoods as a result of the war.

So, naturally, I had to write a poem.

You are young
And you have no idea
How dark the world was
When years of terror went on
With no end
And only the bravest dared to

No. You have no idea
What trials three children
On the run
Faced in a world ruled by

You have no idea
What it’s like to fight
And bleed
And watch friends die
In a losing battle
For a world that slips away
Again and again

You have no idea
What it’s like to kill or be killed
Fight or lose everything
In years that should be filled with
Laughter and

You have no idea
What it’s like to see
Darkness grow in the shadows
And rise up to consume

You have no idea
What it’s like to face death at

You have no idea
What it’s like to be old
And to see this fragile peace
Again and

You have no idea
What it’s like to be young
And to lose your childhood to

In Times of Darkness: a poem for the four founders of Hogwarts

Remember this post I made a long time ago? This is a poem inspired by the same idea: that the Hogwarts founders not only valued different things in their students, but had four totally different and contrasting ideas of what Hogwarts school should be.

In times of darkness, I will train
The ones who keep us safe
Who fight with swords and magic spells
The daring and the brave
In times of danger, Gryffindors
Will rally to defend
Our school and all within it
We will fight until the end

In times of darkness, I will teach
All those who crave to learn
The secrets of the magic arts
For Ravenclaws must yearn
To search for truth in scrolls and books
To ask and seek and solve
The multitude of mysteries
Still yet to be resolved

In times of darkness, I will raise
Up those who bear within
Ambition and the seeds of greatness
Shrewd desire to win
My Slytherins will keep our secrets
Buried deep inside
We’ll guard the treasures of our school
And hold our heads with pride

In times of darkness, I will help
All those who come to me
I’ll teach them what I know and
Show them true equality
Let others rise to take the lead
We Hufflepuffs will stand
Behind them with a loyal heart
And a helping hand