Christmas with the Weasleys

A dozen redheads gathered ‘round
Smiles on all their faces
Unwrapping simple homespun gifts
With thanks and warm embraces
Although their holiday is simple
Love fills every heart
And as the years pass, come what may
In times when they’re apart
These special meals and simple gifts
Beneath the Christmas tree
Will draw them back and bring them home
To be with family

Christmas Eve in the Graveyard

Christmas Eve, a quiet chapel graveyard
Music from the nearby church at midnight
Memories forgotten and uncovered
Questions burning in the winter night
Flowers laid in snow for those who lie here
And whose sacrifices saved his life
Through the chaos, bells and music bringing
This bittersweet moment of quiet
Then, another moment, peace is shattered
Teenage heroes drawn back to their fight
Leaving church and graveyard, snow and flowers
Just a memory bathed in Christmas light

A Deathly Hallows Christmas

Last Christmas there were parties and carols through the halls
Decorated Christmas trees and garlands on the walls
Last year our greatest worries were love potions and dates
Safe from the storm already brewing beyond the castle’s gates

This Christmas, nights are bitter; we wander in the cold
Searching for a glimpse of hope and missing days of old
Hiding from the looming shadows, trying to believe
Fighting for a life worth living on this Christmas Eve

Next Christmas, we will gather around the fireplace
With warm embraces, joyful smiles on each and every face
Next year this fight will only be a dusty memory
Singing Christmas carols, merry, bright, and free

Santa Claus: Hogwarts Graduate?

How does a fat man fit down a skinny chimney? How could one person deliver toys to every child in the world in just one night? For that matter, how do all those toys even fit in his sleigh? Hard questions to answer. But with a bit of Harry Potter-style magic, it just might all make sense.

Floo powder

Now, it’s totally possible that a wizard Santa Claus would have a flying sleigh and some kind of magical species of reindeer. After all, if broomsticks, magic carpets, and even cars can be enchanted to fly, surely a sleigh could, too. But a wizard Santa Claus wouldn’t need the flying sleigh, and I find it far more likely that he would simply travel by floo powder, hence why muggles claim to have spotted him sneaking in through the fireplace.

Undetectable Extension Charm

If Newt Scamander can fit a menagerie of magical creatures in a small suitcase, Santa Claus could surely carry toys for all the children of the world in his sack. All he would need is a little magic.

Time Turner

Even with an enchanted sack that’s larger than it appears, Santa Claus would still need one very important thing: time. Luckily, that’s something a wizard can have an unlimited supply of, as long as he has a time turner handy. But, you ask, how would Santa Claus keep from getting burned out and exhausted, just like Hermione? Simple: he uses the Time Turner only one night a year. After that, he takes a nice long nap and lives out his days in ordinary 24-hour cycles until the next Christmas Eve.

House Elves

Who did you think was making all those toys? But there are other bits of evidence, too. House elves are good at going unnoticed and can travel anywhere by apparating, much like wizards. Perhaps Santa’s house elves do more than toy making for him: perhaps they also keep tabs on the children of the world and let Santa know who belongs on the nice list and who deserves coal in their stocking. They might even help with the deliveries on Christmas Eve night, reducing the number of times Santa has to use his time turner.

Muggle-Repelling Charms

But how on earth has no one found Santa’s workshop yet? For the same reason no one’s found Hogwarts, Diagon Alley, or that field where the Quidditch World Cup was held. It’s specially enchanted to keep Muggles away. It’s also possible, of course, that Santa’s workshop is protected by a Fidelius charm, perhaps with Mrs. Claus as the Secret Keeper. It all depends how far Santa Claus is willing to go to keep his workshop hidden even from his fellow wizards.

What about his age?

Santa Claus has theoretically been delivering toys to children all around the world for generations, and an old man the whole time. Now, wizards tend to live longer than muggles anyway. Dumbledore and Grindelwald were both around 115 years old when they died, and not of old age. Bathilda Bagshot must have been even older, since she was already an adult when the Dumbledore siblings were children. Besides their already long lifespans, there are ways for wizards to extend their lives further, some living hundreds of years. I can’t see Santa Claus drinking unicorn blood or resorting to dark magic of the type Voldemort uses, so I’m guessing he’s using a sorcerer’s stone to create elixir of life.

Christmas at Hogwarts: Year 4


For Goblet of Fire, I knew I wasn’t going to draw the Yule Ball. It’s spectacular, but a room full of people dancing just doesn’t fit with the little glimpses of common rooms and shops I’ve been doing. So I re-read the chapters that happen around Christmas, and what caught my attention was the pair of ugly socks Dobby gave to Harry. With that in mind, this is what I came up with.

Christmas at Hogwarts: Year 2


The Christmas section of Chamber of Secrets has Harry and Ron taking polyjuice potion and entering the Slytherin common room disguised as Crabbe and Goyle; naturally, I wanted to do something Slytherin-related for my drawing. Even though I see myself as more of a Ravenclaw, the windows in the Slytherin common room that look out into the depths of the lake are one of my absolute favorite details of Hogwarts, so I decided to start from there and decorate them for Christmas.